Wheel Repair, Refurbishment & Customisation at Devonshire Motors Accident Repair Centre

Alloy wheel refurbishment

Devonshire Motors is North Devon’s leading alloy wheel repair, refurbishment and customisation specialist providing a professional service that transforms the look of any car.

Whether you are looking for alloy wheel refurbishment or would just like a new look then you can be assured of our expert advice and quality.

With the condition of UK roads today, even the most advanced, most careful driver can easily damage their alloy wheels. As the majority of wheels on modern cars are made from soft aluminium, the slightest contact with a pot hole or tar from the road can cause unsightly damage and not to mention curbing and corrosion.

If you have some unsightly damage on your wheels have you thought about the possibility of having them ‘SMART’ repaired this could save you a considerable amount of money against replacing them??

Alloy refurbishment - starting from £90 + VAT per wheel.

How we do it

Firstly the wheel is thoroughly cleaned to remove any traces of road traffic film, wax or silicone from the damaged areas, this will ensure a first-rate adhesion when the final paint is applied.

The wheels are then gently blasted using our specialist ‘Aqua blast’ unit to remove any corrosion, flaking paint and previous layers of lacquer to obtain a smooth metal surface that is abraded in preparation for coating. If the wheels are in a particularly poor condition they may be chemically stripped prior to blasting.

The wheels are then prepared and dressed to deal with any damage to the rim edges and the face. (We will not repair buckled or badly damaged wheels as these should be replaced, please ask us for advice!)

Next the wheels are primed and abraded again to remove any imperfections on the alloy face. A base colour coat is applied and then cured for a set time period using our state of the art ‘Spray cure’ unit which has the latest technology infra-red drying system. A second coating may be applied at this stage depending on what finish is chosen and then clear or tinted lacquer is applied to give the gloss or mat finish depending on your requirement.

You can bring your wheels to us without the tyres, or we can remove and refit the tyres and re-balance the wheels (if we need to use weights when re-balancing, if possible we will endeavour to fit to the inside of the rim so as not to spoil the appearance of the wheel).

We can Repair: Kerb Damage, Corrosion, Chips, Scratches, Scuffs, Scrapes and more. Keep your vehicle in tip top condition, why not pop in and see us for advice!

Caring for your refurbished wheels

The latest paint products are very durable and you will be amazed at the ease of cleaning your wheels once you have had them refurbished, no more Sunday mornings wasted scrubbing them!

Be aware - There is a wide selection of specialist wheel cleaners on the market all designed to give one desired affect; help you clean your ‘rims’. Most of these cleaners are not needed and we do not recommend them. This is because they can act like a mild acid which will attack the surface of your wheels.

Remember to always allow your wheels to cool down before cleaning them.

The best way to clean your wheels is with mild soapy warm water and a non-abrasive cloth or brush. Rinse your wheels well and dry them using a lint free cloth. Don’t allow the water to dry on the wheels as this may cause water spots.

Never use abrasive cleaners, wire wool pads or electric buffers. Avoid carwash wheel cleaners at all times on refurbished wheels.

Give your wheels a coat of our specially formulated wheel wax once every 6 weeks, this will help to prevent road salt, brake dust and dirt ‘keying’ to the surface and make cleaning the wheels far easier, speak to us for information.

So that's it, nice and simple, not lots of products and complicated applications just a great finish, a specially formulated wax coating and a gentle clean for shiny wheels week in week out.

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